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Eternally white brand from Paris

Established in Paris, France in 2009. It expresses "eternal white" and "smooth feel," which are the sensitive value of PTFE, the material made from fluorite. It has been developed to art, tableware and fine jewelry. In 2018, the technology and scheme of "PTFE material recycle" was established.



hide k 1896

Carbon brand from Japan

Carbon brand originated from a hemp wholesaler founded in 1896. It develops carbon items, including bags and small articles, made from "soft carbon," a new material developed by Hideyuki Kasuga. In addition, it has been collaborating with Leica, LEXUS, and The Okura TOKYO.

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Curating art based on material

At the gallery space, world art pieces, such as art collections of the owner Hideyuki Kasuga, produced from the approach of "material" are displayed and sold. In addition, as the symbol art piece, "la terre blanche (the white earth)" made by Hideyuki Kasuga with the theme of "Coexistence of humans and the earth" is displayed at the occasion of opening.


Jacques OWCZAREK (France)
Mariko MORI (Japan)
Rudolf BURDA (Czech Republic)
and more




Books are put on sale with a focus on "PRODUCE & RECYCLE" written by Hideyuki Kasuga. Books and art books with the theme of SCIENCE to ART are displayed.

science by

hide kasuga LABO



Sharing new intellect

In the evening, "academia" is held periodically by Hideyuki Kasuga, as the presider, with the theme of "Science," "Art," "Business" and "SDGs." Various guest speakers are invited to share new intellect based on the actual examples of each industry segment. Under the theme of "SDGs," the actual example of "PTFE material recycle" based on "Establishment of a recycling method for waste PTFE," the doctor thesis published by Hideyuki Kasuga in 2018, is introduced.


science, art, business

Efforts for recycling

Customers are invited to bring any used articles of BLANC BIJOU and hide k 1896. The gallery de kasuga offers a new article at a discount price. The collected articles will be reproduced according to the appropriate recycle law.

hideyuki kasuga


hideyuki kasuga

Entrepreneur / Producer/ Doctor (Engineering)

The owner's message

Dear all,

My name is Hideyuki Kasuga, the owner of gallery de kasuga, Our gallery opened at Omotesando, Tokyo, on Satsurday, November 16, 2019 with the concept of "fusion of Japanese tradition of manufacturing and renovation."

Our gallery sells and displays the products of "BLANC BIJOU," a brand made from PTFE and evaluated as "eternal white" and "hide k 1896," a black brand made from soft carbon, and also a new material, art works and books. It also plays the role of "academia" as a "place for sharing intellect," and a "place for creation and reproduction of values" with the themes of "science," "art," "business" and "SDGs."

Looking back on history, we learn that the Japanese has always worked hard for manufacturing in all ages. As seen in craft objects combining functional beauty after the medieval age, silk-reeling industry and iron industry after the Meiji era and heavy chemical industry which supported postwar dramatical restoration, Japan exerted the technical ablity and sensitivity to produce high quality products in a large quantity and has become a great manufacturing power. To the Japanese, manufacturing is a culture.

Based on the tradition of manufacturing, our gallery is a place to create and reproduce "art" and "product" with the power of expression, the Japanese have essentially valued based on science, and to experience them in the same space. Namely, it is a new commercial comprex born from the Japanese manufacturing history.

Upon customers’ requests, we will present wholeheartedly high quality and confortableness (LUXE) which would be needed for the future Japanese life style, sustainability for environment and "things" containing them.

We hope you will realize the tradition and renovation of manufacturing and its fusion.

Hideyuki Kasuga

hide kasuga group

"hide kasuga group" is a conglomerate with "Creation and reproduction of value" as the group philosophy based on Paris, Tokyo and Nagano. It is formed by "hide kasuga 1896," a think tank, "hide kasuga LABO," a research and development institute and "hk1896 LINKS," a trading company. Putting importance on the two material brands of "BLANC BIJOU PARIS" and "hide k 1896" and "gallery de kasuga," the flagship, the group is promoting a coherent business model from concept making, research and development, material production, product manufacturing to sales.

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